Mothers Against Drunk Driving has launched a campaign to eliminate drunken driving through alcohol-detection devices in cars.

The organization wants states to pass laws requiring breath-test interlock devices in vehicles for all those who have been convicted of drunk driving — even after the first offense. Currently, New Mexico has such a law for first offenders while 45 states and the District of Columbia allow the device for some offenders.

Interlock devices require drivers to blow into an instrument that measures alcohol in the breath. The vehicle won’t start unless the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is below a preset level. Other interlocks may require drivers to breathe into the devices periodically.

MADD estimates that 1,900 lives could be saved each year if interlocks were installed in the vehicles of all convicted drunken drivers.

Besides the alcohol-detecting devices, MADD wants states to implement more sobriety checkpoints.

Whatever it takes, officials need to toughen the laws and enforcement to keep the drunk drivers off our streets and highways.

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