After our final votes on Friday, the Legislature has finished the redistricting process and finalized legislative and congressional district boundaries for the next decade.

We tried to make this redistricting process as open and transparent as possible, using established best practices to make all legislative and congressional plans fair and reasonable. We did our best to preserve the integrity of existing political subdivisions and maintain continuous districts. Additionally, no individual district population could deviate more than 2.5% from the ideal district population unless it was in consideration of a political boundary, such as municipal city limits. Congressional districts had an overall population deviation of no more than 1%.

For more than a year, the House and Senate redistricting committees held 30 in-person and virtual public meetings to give Oklahomans multiple opportunities for public comment.

The redistricting process started in 2020 when every House member was appointed to a nonpartisan subcommittee for their region. Each subcommittee held at least one public meeting in their area to provide Oklahomans the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions.

We did our best to draw the new maps to reflect what we heard from Oklahomans and the data we received from the U.S. Census Bureau. The new maps are more compact and more similar in population size, allowing for more equal representation of Oklahomans’ voices in the Legislature and in Congress.

I want to especially thank Rep. Ryan Martinez for leading the House redistricting process over the last two years. I also want to recognize the dedication of our nonpartisan House redistricting staff who gathered Oklahomans’ opinions and provided valuable insight into the redistricting process.

Now that the maps have been approved by both legislative chambers, they’ll move to the Governor’s desk, where he will consider signing them into law.

The final maps for state and U.S. House districts can be found at State Senate maps can be viewed at

I believe a big part of my job as an elected official is to help keep people informed. I regularly receive updates from different areas of state government, such as various state agencies, commissions, and statewide elected officials, and I do my best to pass along some of this information to my constituents.

I wanted to make you aware that you can sign up to receive updates and press releases from these offices as well. If you’d like, you can visit to view the list of our state agencies and visit their websites to see about signing up for their emails.

I will continue to share important information with my constituents via my weekly column and my email distribution list. If you’d like to be added to my email list, please contact my office at 405-557-7304 or

Please also continue reaching out with any questions or concerns I may be able to assist with. Thank you for the honor of representing House District 33!

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