William T. Bradley


To the editor:

The letters from Jerry, Craig and William, and a few others, have been a real hoot! They all appear to be repeated the Washington Post or CNN commentators. They also appear to be oblivious of the good things happening.

For example, OSU building athletic facilities on all corners of the campus due to the donors having greater returns on their investments, higher wages, fewer people on welfare, a higher rate of employment among all citizens and an overall great economy.

Most of all, a President who knows how to get things done and what is good for the USA regardless of an outrageous House of Representatives. I think you should let these letter writers have a column alongside the Washington Post commentaries. It could be appropriately called the Donkey News or the CNN Parrot report.

Hope they keep up their writings, the letters are pure humor. (Quality of being laughable, ludicrous or incongruous.)

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