Craig Maile


To the editor:

Lots of sports fans have been wondering what kinds of teams will be fielded come fall. Of greater concern to fans of democracy is what kind of leadership team the nation will field come spring.

As Franklin Roosevelt neared the end of his first Hundred Days, he noted that his administration had made some 10-yard plays, but that it was a “long field.” No leader in modern times has likely had to play on a longer field than FDR.

As the clock winds down in the fourth quarter, the current administration has played its games without a quarterback and with a roster as hefty in ability as those $6 hot dogs. Their most relied upon plays have been the fumble and the hand-off. When they aren’t fumbling, they’re handing off responsibility to others, such as to the governors and the states during the current pandemic.

Instead of playing for the home fans, who represent the majority of American citizens, the current administration seemingly chooses to play for the away fans, those few scattered among the rest like silly red hats in a sea of orange. Although the House of Representatives has thrown plenty of deserving flags for un-Constitution-like conduct, the Senate has, upon scant further review, decided not to issue any penalties. And we thought the Saints got robbed.

What kind of leadership team will the people draft to take the field come spring? America’s Team should always be in the nation’s capital, even if Dallas likes to also make that claim. The time has come for the necessary rebuilding season – you know, like the Browns every season. We shouldn’t expect the new team to go undefeated, but we should expect competence and adherence to an ethical playbook.

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