Tom Bradley


To the editor:

Dear Citizens of Stillwater,

In 1984 I was offered and accepted employment as a new firefighter for Stillwater by Fire Chief Jim Smith; with the grand opening of Myers Fire Station on 19th Street. During his last 36 years, I have been provided opportunities to work in many different areas of emergency services.

I have witnessed the good, and on occasion not so good, financial ties for the community. I have observed the best of our community when they have united together to overcome the devastation of tornadoes, floods and fires. Our community is amazing as they reach out and provide assistance to those who may not have the physical or financial means to overcome many such problems. I have observed the acts of evil persons against our community, changing our way of life for many generations to come. Yet after all these tragedies and evil acts of violence, our community has always remained resilient.

I am thankful and inspired by the level of professionalism and harmony of Stillwater Police, Oklahoma State University Police, Payne County Sheriff’s Office, Stillwater Fire Department, Stillwater Emergency Management and our EMS Service. They are the most dedicated, well-trained and professional public servants found in this state or nation.

On Wednesday, I retired from a profession that I have enjoyed immensely for the past 36 years. I want to express to the community how thankful I am for the respect, trust and confidence you have for our public servants and kindness shown to me. Thank you.

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