Jerry Bettis


To the editor:

I just read an article in the Washington Post by noted Trumpist Marc A. Thiessen titled, “Why don’t Democrats drop Impeachment and just Censure Trump?”. Surely there are many things to censure Mr. Trump for: his incredibly bad manners, his supreme ignorance, his foul language, his racist statements and sentiments, his abuse of women, his unexplained close ties to Vladimir Putin, his being played for a fool by Kim Jung Un, his disdain for science, the way he pushes our allies away, and a remarkably wide range of other behaviors that start our day with a jolt. However, I, for one, am not content with a slap on the presidential wrist while the world watches him destroy the foundations of peace and the very existence of the only planet we have on which to live.

Mr. Trump must be removed from office because our country and our world cannot afford to let him remain for another year at the helm of the world’s greatest democracy. He presents a clear and present danger and after getting away with bad behavior for nearly three years one shudders to think what he might get up to if left unchecked. He recently attacked the automobile manufacturers while insisting that the rollback of the CAFE auto emission requirements are necessary and proper. He just announced our withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate control. He continues to reduce environmental protections necessary to ensure clean air and water and he fulminates discontent among the nations.

No, a slap on the wrist on the isn’t good enough. He needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and sent packing.

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