George Scheets


To the editor:

The problem with those protesting that Trump lost due to widespread fraud is not that they are not being heard, it’s that the protesters are not listening to the replies. In an election with 150,000,000 votes cast, there is going to be some fraud. The key question is whether or not enough fraud existed to flip the results.

Consider the evidence against significant election fraud:

• Trump’s lawyers are something on the order of 0 wins and 56 losses in various state and federal courts, most quickly tossed for lack of evidence.

• Trump’s lawyers have 0 wins and 2 losses at the Supreme Court.

• Homeland Security, run by a Trump appointee, declared the election was secure.

• The Justice Department, run by a Trump appointee, declared there is no evidence of significant voter fraud.

• Election officials from 50 states, both Democratic and Republican, certified their results reflect the will of their respective voters.

Note that the key personnel in these outcomes, such as judges, election officials, and state attorneys, have all taken oaths of office of one form or another, swearing to uphold the law and their appropriate constitutions. All the lawyers, including those not employed by the state or federal government, can be disbarred if they knowingly lie or present lies to a court.

Now consider the case for election fraud:

• Unsubstantiated statements by a known pathological liar whose arguments, when presented in court, have been rapidly and repeatedly shot down.

Occam’s Razor states that when multiple explanations are possible for an observed outcome, the simplest explanation is usually correct. Was there a conspiracy to fraudulently overturn the “true” election results and deny Trump the presidency, or was there no conspiracy?

Consider the extreme difficulty required to master mind an election fraud sufficiently massive to overturn the reported election results. Hundreds, if not thousands, of judges, government attorneys, election officials, and law enforcement personnel, a mix of Democrats and Republicans, quite a few appointed by the Trump administration, all must be either bribed, convinced to look the other way, or forge results. And all of this must occur in secret with no leaks.

On the other hand, the no conspiracy option regarding the election outcomes requires no outside interference at all. It simply requires all key personnel involved to follow their oaths and do their jobs to the best of their ability, just like in the 2016 election.

Occam’s Razor decisively points to the reported overall election results accurately reflecting the will of the people, and a Biden win being correct. If you look at this already available evidence and ignore it, Senator Romney is likely accurate when he stated on the 6th that another audit, demanded by some in the few days remaining prior to 20 January [that again certifies a Biden win], is not going to change your mind.

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