Randi Eldevik


To the editor:

The Stillwater area deserves to be represented in the state legislature by people who can think logically and express themselves clearly with words. Thank goodness, then, that voters re-elected the well-qualified Trish Ranson instead of electing a dentist whose strengths lie elsewhere.

Clumsily attempting to stay in the public eye till the next election, the loser of the last election spent an entire letter defending a “group of American citizens” whom he never names specifically. How is one to make sense of Means’s letter? These are not the communication skills that Stillwater voters need.

Nor do we need the kind of illogic that assumes every American who shares the same skin color or ethnicity share the same guilt as those individuals who were historically guilty of wrongdoing. I refer specifically to slave-owning and slave-trading, and to the Caucasians who took part in those wrongs (for it seems as if that is what Means is struggling to get at). Not all Caucasians in history took part in them, and Caucasians living today can easily disassociate themselves from slavers: just don’t display Confederate flags or other symbols of white supremacy, and make your moral disapproval clear. Uphold white abolitionists, and Black freedom fighters such as Harriet Tubman, as your historical heroes. This is is plain common sense.

Means blames a historical approach called Critical Race Theory for painting in broad brushstrokes and spreading blame too widely. But he doesn’t quote a single sentence written by anyone belonging to that school of thought, and until he does I remain unconvinced that Means’s understanding of Critical Race Theory is accurate. It appears as if Means wants to endear himself to voters, but common sense and clear communication would get him further. In the meantime, calm readers need have no fear that American society is being destroyed by Critical Race Theory. Means is an alarmist and a publicity-seeker

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