The current city council will soon be raising trash rates ON ALL CITIZENS (via increased mandated recycling fees whether you recycle or not).

They will soon be raising electric rates ON ALL CITIZENS (to subsidize solar panels for the climate change class).

They will soon be raising storm water fees ON ALL CITIZENS.


They are also working on giving our money to select investors downtown (Everyman, Russ Teubner, etc) and to unnamed investors via the old power plant to turn it into a fancy uptown fancy plaza of sorts.

This sort of Keynesian centrally planned economics hurts everyday citizens by taking their hard earned money and giving it to a select few—and should be STOPPED.

This is not how you grow a town. This is how you become California and squelch out the middle class.

I will work to stop and end these irresponsible policies and focus on creating a business friendly environment (via quality infrastructure, quality core services, low taxes, and low regulations) that will naturally entice development and investment while ALSO minimizing tax burdens on the citizens already here!!!!

Vote for me and I will fight to maintain a small government that understands freedom MUST be maintained—above all else.

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