David Knight


To the editor:

Between my sister with her five years as a victim advocate and my experience as a corrections officer, hearing the abusers making their plans to “put them back in their place” or how they (the abusers) are the “true victims,” we both created this letter.

I wish to make it known that while I think the “Survivor” article in the Saturday (Dec. 18) paper is excellent, and well needed, to show domestic abuse victims the effects of the choices they make to keep their abusers in power over them; a major and crucial error was made in that both the victim and the author released her present location! This was a terrible mistake and should not have happened as it endangers her and her child whenever he gets out! I strongly encourage this amazing woman, a true survivor, to use the remaining time this violent abuser has in prison to start the process to move again and distance herself as far as possible from her last known location before he gets out....and he will get out, probably early. Based on five years’ experience as an advocate for abused women, he may well do whatever it takes to get an early release so he can go “collect his property.” Yes, I’ve heard those exact words before, from an abuser. Many kudos to AEdras, and stay aware.

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