Karan Brunken


To the editor:

I have read several letters in the paper by a certain person that my husband gets so disgusted with that he won’t even read his letters anymore. Of course we all have different opinions, and aren’t we blessed to still be living in a country where we can freely state our opinions?

I happen to like our president very much. In the middle of Obama’s administration were you better off then or now? I think people need to use their common sense a little more. Do you really want the government to take care of you or do you want to take care of yourself?

I remember Trump’s first speech, how he really tried to get both parties to come together and work for the country, he practically begged them. He goes against what the other party is for – socialism. If you don’t know what the word means you better look it up and right now.

I read my Bible and I know I am loved by our great God, and he is the one that is in charge, so I know there is nothing to worry about, thus I do not worry. I am a very happy woman. However I do not need someone telling me how mistreated I am by the president!

Also, I do not know why we need Mr. Leonard Pitts’ article in the paper. Sometimes I believe he is trying to start the Civil War over again. This community does not need his rhetoric. Well now you know my opinion.

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