Glenna Craig

Payne County Clerk

To the editor:

I am not going to take sides or debate on the events taking place in our country as we are all Americans and we all have the right to our opinions, and freedom of speech. Censorship in any form is wrong in a land of the free because of the rights that we fought for and died for.

I have seen statements from the public and on social media forums that greatly disappoints me as a dedicated elected official. I have dedicated my life to public service, I have served as Secretary of Elections, Chief Deputy Assessor, and now as the elected County Clerk for Payne County in the State of Oklahoma.

In my time I have only had one goal and that is to serve the people, with respect, transparency, leadership, professionalism, and ethics. Every office I have administered over has been given nothing but the highest praise for the service that is offered, the running of the office, and the professionalism of the staff down to free public records, I have done everything I have said I would, and continue to look for ways to serve the public better every day!

County elected officials are full time administrators and in the 33 years I have missed my kids birthdays, I have spent many evenings and weekends answering phone calls, and emails of people with questions, etc. It is offensive that some people are making the statement that ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS are basically worthless and you won’t vote again, and that opinion is destructive to our nation, and to our freedoms, and unfair to those in public service who are truly honoring and serving the citizens, this mindset will harm and cripple our government, and will surely stop good people from running for office, and all citizens from supporting and keeping GOOD and DECENT public servants on all levels that represent the very heart of America working for justice, and for the public for all the right reasons, and as servants of the public. DO NOT LUMP US ALL TOGETHER, as that is discrimination, and unfair to those of us that work for the citizens every day, when we could do other things, we proudly choose service!

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