James McDonald


To the editor:

Some folks just can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. Some folks can’t seem to hear very well because they don’t want to, and some folks just have BIG GREEDY EGOS.

When it comes to Oklahoma politics our established legislators appear to continually relate to all three of those statements when it comes to providing necessary funding needed for public schools in Oklahoma. Surely, they read the newspaper or own a TV. I have now read in the local newspapers and see on the local TV stations that every graduating senior in Oklahoma last year took the ACT college entrance exam and 46% failed to meet the minimum benchmark in ANY academic category? I imagine some of those who have big greedy egos say that’s the fault of the school administration and teachers.

Dare I ask are members of the citizen-led Board of Legislative Compensation probably good ole buddies with their established legislator they want to compensate with a 35.6% raise? We will scratch your back if you scratch mine, sometime!

With a sleight of hand comment by the Compensation committee, “We want to make sure the right people feel empowered to come and serve”, Ha! What a joke.

We the people did not elect our legislators so they can make a living. We elected them to represent us the citizens of Oklahoma, for our best interest collectively. When or where does that statement during the campaign “I just want to SERVE” kick in. You don’t hear that much after the election. Instead you hear, there is going to be a shortage of funds for public schools and teachers. But there are funds available for legislator raises. Have you ever heard a political candidate say I’m not in this for the money? I haven’t. Who controls the money?

I realize that all graduating Seniors are not going to college for a lot of different reasons. There is certainly no shame for any of those reasons. But to not be prepared if they even wanted to is a crime created by the very people elected to create the laws and provide the sufficient funds to our education system, that other states seem to provide, that gives our young students the tools to excel in whatever they desire.

Shame on the Oklahoma legislator who votes for a self raise before they provide the necessary funds needed for public education in Oklahoma and per the Tulsa World, “basic funding now is not enough to build a qualified future workforce and for Oklahoma high school diplomas to have meaning.”

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