Aaron R. Means, Sr.


To the editor:

Once again, I must give credit where credit is due. In my humble opinion, we should be thankful to the Stillwater News Press for giving ordinary citizens the opportunity to voice our thoughts. In this week’s Sunday News Press a man shared his experience at the 2019 Payne County Fair.

In his Letter To The Editor he mentioned how his whole family traveled from California during the Labor Day holiday and enjoyed some of the things that make Stillwater a great place to live. He also shared how he felt when he came across a booth in the fair carnival area which had Confederate flags flying. In this part of his Letter To The Editor, he assumed these flags were associated with one particular political party. He wrote, “Maybe the area the flags were waving from was tended to by the GOP, with jurisdiction only over that section of the fairgrounds.”

I guarantee you the GOP was not affiliated with these vendors. We were inside the main building at our GOP booth greeting Independent, Democrat and Republican voters. The only flag we had at our booth was The Star-Spangled Banner. I personally know the five top leaders of the Payne County GOP. They are among the finest people in Oklahoma. In fact, one of them is my wife.

The GOP is represented by members of the Payne County Republican Party, members of the Payne County Republican Women, the Young Republicans who meet at OSU, students at the Stillwater High School and elected Republican officials. Finally, Stillwater is a vibrant city of approximately 50,000 people who represent nearly every nation on Earth. We do not have a foot planted firmly in a past of hatred and bigotry. Stillwater is a great community with good neighbors!

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