following letter ran in a 2007

edition of the News Press)

Bill Boyd


To the editor:

There is a man up Stillwater way who is incomparable in the field of merchandising consumables. Flashy old dude with silvery hair, twinkling eyes, snappy dresser, personable, smooth demeanor, old-time jazz buff, doesn’t kick dogs, hugs elderly ladies, speaks kindly to kiddies, carts groceries out to cars, looks like he just stepped out of Brooks Brothers haberdashery in San Francisco, a sight to behold.

I’m talking about Charlie Fowler here, Ronald Coleman-type, man for all seasons, known for hand-selecting produce, checks tire pressure monthly, equal opportunity employer, Mr. Congeniality, lone survivor of chain store takeovers, loves homemade sauerkraut, smells good all the time, somewhat witty.

Talking about Charlie Fowler, grocer extraordinaire, proprietor of Consumers IGA retail grocery on West Sixth in Stillwater. He will appreciate your business.

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