James McDonald


To the editor:

On this 2021 Veterans Day, I am 54 years removed from the last day I drove off of my last Air Force Base as an Airman ready to seek a new life adventure that led me to my current home of Stillwater, Oklahoma. However, I remember well my brothers is arms, both “ditty boppers” as we were called and voice analysis who served our glorious AMERICA in the United States Air Force Security Service.

It was not until 1997 that our missions were declassified. Today, we still have our brave women and men soldiers who continue to enlist and become a protector of our country without questioning their orders. Some of their stories you will hear about and some you will not for many years, but that’s just the way it has been and will continue to be. They are called to serve in many places all over the world and to perform many different missions. Those that served in our military previously did so bravely and the ones who serve now continue to bravely step forward.

Today, our country on American soil appears to be in turmoil but with God’s Grace and the United States of America Military on guard and the Red, White, and Blue still flying high with dignity and respect I rest easy at night.

I hope the rest of America will remember and be of the same mindset.

To my brothers of the 6981 Security Group, Elmendorf AFB Alaska, 6924 Security Squadron, Da Nang South Vietnam, 6937 Communication Group, Peshawar, Pakistan, I pray all is well with you. I REMEMBER YOU! GOD BLESS THE USA!

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