Dwight Sublett


To the editor:

For the past 37 years, I have had the privilege to serve as a general pediatrician in Stillwater. It has truly been a pleasure to serve Stillwater and the surrounding areas throughout all these years. I have gotten to meet many fine people, and now am privileged of seeing many of the second generation of these families. At this point, I am turning my efforts toward advocacy for improvement of medical care and access to medical care for all in this state, particularly in our rural communities.

My purpose, though, in writing this letter, is to strongly encourage you to seriously consider immunizing your children and grandchildren. There are so many diseases we, as physicians, took care of when I came to Stillwater in 1983 that are no longer, or very rarely, seen. Why has this happened?

The development of vaccines to protect against these diseases. I have always felt that the most important treatment I have rendered to my patients throughout the years is protection against the many diseases that are provided in today’s immunization schedule.

Vaccines are safe and effective! Are they completely without risk? Of course not, but I can personally attest, as can many well done studies done by well respected groups such as the CDC, American Council on Immunization Practices, American Academy of Pediatrics that confirm the observations of physicians and medical personnel that take care of children on a daily basis that the benefits of immunizations far outweigh the risks.

In this age of social media, there are many diverse opinions rendered regarding immunizations. My plea to you is to thoroughly research the source of any information that is presented. What is the research that is the basis of this information? Size of research population, length of study, etc.

I also ask you to bring your concerns to your personal medical provider, and make sure your questions are answered. There is so many sources available in 2020 that you can reference.

Again, thanks Stillwater for many fine years together!

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