To the editor:

It is obvious to the reader that some letters to the editor were written by those who do not know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. Read the history and ask Socrates how a Democratic mob treats those who do not agree with the government. To learn about our guaranteed Republican form of government one should read The Federalist Papers. For those who do not know how various forms of Socialism provide the foundation of Communism, one needs to read Karl Marx writings in the Communist Manifesto. To put it simply, socialism is not radical enough. All are online.

Yes, governments evolve sometimes in unexpected ways, yet other times they repeat history over and over. Our Constitutional Republic was established to serve the people, conceived of the people, implemented by the people, and for the benefit of the people. It can only survive as long as the people continue to participate in it. Left to its own devices, the government will amass massive debts for the people and future generations to pay.

Imagine the democratic party so far left, reaching for socialism, that the republican party will pick-up its flag of tax and spend, to pass a massive budget with no spending caps. Yes, it’s time to drain the swamp.