Taurean DuHart


To the editor:

Parents are the advocates and protectors for our children. It’s our duty to hold those in public office accountable for what they promised – to make education better in our state. Right now, Oklahoma is operating under a few outdated and restrictive policies that are negatively impacting our kids. As parents, we should be aware of and upset about these policies, and we should want and demand change.

Did you know Oklahoma currently provides funding to schools based on the highest number of students they served in the previous two years instead of how many students they actually serve today? This practice is outdated and illogical as shortages in funding for growing schools leaves children without the necessary resources they need to grow and thrive. Oklahoma’s lack of flexibility with transfer requests doesn’t help either. Allowing schools to block transfers prevents countless students from finding programs and learning environments that meet their needs.

I urge you to ask your legislators to support real-time funding and open transfer without barriers this February, which will give our children expanded opportunity to transfer to schools that meet their needs and have sufficient funding based on current student populations. By supporting these bills and urging our state legislators to do so as well, we are letting our parent voice be heard.

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