Randi Eldevik


To the editor:

What kind of news service is CNHI? Should the Stillwater News Press run its articles unaltered? I have always thought opinions should be reserved for the opinion page, and other pages of the newspaper should contain only facts.

On page A2 of the 7/30/2019 News Press is a CNHI article about Medicaid expansion that in its first sentence talks about the “threat” of Medicaid expansion. This does not occur in a quotation attributed to another person; it is in the main body of the article.

But to whom is Medicaid expansion a threat? Certainly not to the large number of people who have been arguing for it ever since Gov. Fallin made the mistake of rejecting it. Certainly not to the low-income Oklahomans who would benefit from it. It saddens me to think of News Press readers falling prey to subtle propaganda in a supposedly factual article. From now on I hope the News Press will report about Medicaid expansion in a neutral way.