Robert Garringer


To the editor:

In the novel, 1984, George Orwell painted a horrific picture of how the truth can be forgotten – by nearly everyone – if it is kept hidden behind a wall of repeated lies. One of Orwell’s characters muses, “If all others around you accepted the lie … if all records told the same tale … then the lie passed into history and became truth.” Orwell feared that society might actually become subject to such manipulation. He believed that we need to do all in our power to keep this from happening.

So among other corrective activities, those of us who like to read and think about what we’re reading should try to head off a distorted record concerning the man who is currently in the Oval Office. Liberal or conservative, we have an obligation to do so, so I offer the following, with a confessed tone of impatience and Orwellian fear for what’s been publicized as truth for the last two years.

Donald Trump’s invitation to a group of progressive Democrats to go home to their countries of origin, fix the problems there, and then come back and show us “how it’s done” is – not – a verbal banishment of them because of their race.

Likewise, his concern about radical Muslims getting into the country because of inadequate vetting is not an attack on all Muslims.

Similarly, his stated urgency concerning the invasion of “drug dealers, murderers, and rapists” at our southern border was balanced by the statement that, among the invaders, were also those he called “good people.” So did he call all Mexicans rank criminals? No. Did he put this label on everyone who avoids the law to get into the country? No, again.

But he certainly made a racist statement about a Mexican judge, didn’t he? Not really. The truth is, this judge is a member of a Latino law group, San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, that lists, among its companion organizations, groups that (1) publicly – and vehemently – oppose a strong southern border and deportations of those in the country illegally (2) offer college scholarships to illegals (3) advocate full amnesty for them (4) have publicly denounced Donald Trump as a bigot. These organizations include the National Council of La Raza, Reality Changers, MANA de San Diego, and Alliance San Diego. So, as Donald Trump has stated, he is not against Mexican judges as such; instead, he disapproves this one.

Finally, on one occasion, he cited and mocked a reporter’s apparent confusion, using unflattering head and arm gestures. But he was accused of mocking the man’s disability! Over the years, in similar circumstances, Trump had done the same thing when he or others were confused. (The video evidence for this is on the internet for anyone who can get past all the posted negative rhetoric and find it.)

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