The Residents of Golden Oaks Village


To the editor:

Please publish this letter of gratitude to the wonderful people at Golden Oaks Village here in Stillwater. Billy Nash, our facility director, C.C. Crane, and the many dedicated, compassionate professional staff members at Golden Oaks have gone above and beyond to help us over the course of the pandemic!

The necessary steps have always been taken to protect the residents and staff from the risk of spread of COVID-19, even when those decisions were difficult ones. The level of communication and repair updates, not only those of us who live here, but to our families and friends has been outstanding.

With our heartfelt thanks to all these amazing people!

The Residents,

Cecil Wildman

Phillip Ward

Ellis Allinson

Gaynelle Gray

Donna Harris

Jo McAfee

Barbara Overholt

Darrel Overholt

Helen Anderson

Jean & Lowrey Rhoades

CJ Willis

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