Ott Johnson


To the editor:

I suppose I’m behind the times by being proud of our country, but I still am. However, we seem to have many citizens who are not. I too read the Mueller report. One of our duly elected president’s problems is inheriting too many Obama top people who often failed to do their jobs honestly.

There was a time when top appointees were required to write an undated, signed resignation letter on their first day of employment. President Trump could have used such materials when first taking office.

In reading the Mueller report, it became clear that the reader’s opinion could exacerbate their findings. The Trump Haters could pick and choose their pieces and parts of the report to prove their beliefs while the voters that elected President Trump could do the same.

I could better understand the Trump Haters if he were about to double our National Debt, or if he were loading billions of our money onto planes and sending it to our enemy, Iran, but that wasn’t President Trump. That was his predecessor.

In the meantime, I pick up a newspaper to read that I’m some sort of anti-American for casting a vote for the President of the United States. My dear Daddy taught me that name calling is a sign of ignorance. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

Apparently: however, the majority of voters in our great country understand our political system and who is best to be our Top Hand. As a result, we remain safe with a healthy economy and intelligent leadership. Then I wonder how much better our country could be if more citizens contributed to that success instead of a negative spin and destructive attitude regardless of the subjects and suggestions emulating from the White House.

Unfortunately, most of the political turmoil has little to do about improving our country or making our citizens more safe or healthy, etc. It’s all about POWER and MONEY.

Enough said.

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