Mary Silva


To the editor:

Dear Gov. Stitt and the Oklahoma legislature,

I would like to ask you to step up to your Pro-Life platform and move that platform along.

When your bill goes into effect, women who might have had an abortion will give birth. The majority of these women are of low income, many living at poverty levels. Will you stand up for that new life and insist on improved access to health care for mother and child?

Will you push for increasing the minimal wage, so that the mother can earn enough money to be able to care for this new life?

Will you insist on parental leave, mandatory sick leave, subsidized child care?

What will you do about the abysmal maternal mortality rate here in the Oklahoma? Ranking 40th in the US is unacceptable.

Will you support legislation to hold the father of the child financially responsible?

You say you are protecting the lives of the unborn. I am calling on you to do all you can do to protect those same lives once they are born.

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