Amy Nunley


To the editor:

As I’ve continued following this case on OSCN, I felt inspired to write this editorial in response to article on the “City’s protective order against former city councilor.”

The three emails requesting open records (which he was unconstitutionally denied) were nothing short of cordial. We have every right to request and receive open records, regardless of their purpose. The protective order was not only unnecessary, it seemed frivolous.

This leads me directly to a big question: How much taxpayer dollars will be used to defend the potential misconduct of a few officers and DHS workers? I believe the vast majority of public servants are amazing people that put themselves at risk to protect and serve their communities, and wouldn’t need to hide behind this defense.

Since the start of this lawsuit, the City has used five attorneys, three of whom are still active, as well as filing multiple (unnecessary) motions. The protective order prohibits petitioner from contacting his elected city officials which was directly followed by a motion to compel, mandating he provide information to those same officials. In addition, a jury trial has been demanded that means not only more tax dollars but more time. I reached out to our city council via email regarding budget for this trial, is it capped or endless? I didn’t receive a response but encourage you to ask the same.

Regardless of his former role as council member and any attempts to villainize the petitioner, he’s owed the same consideration and treatment as any other citizen. Moreso, any father that goes to these lengths to ensure that his child is safe, is a hero in my book. I agree with the City’s attorney that this case is tragic, not because of a lawsuit but due to everything that led to it. Take care, Stillwater!

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