William Sanders


To the editor:

I find it pathetically humorous that George Soros is still paraded around as a bogeyman (I’m still waiting for my check, by the way...pardon the dripping sarcasm). The same with the ominous “deep state”...lurking like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster just outside our collective door.

Meanwhile, in plain sight, we have an “administration” that is taking cronyism and corruption to heights not seen since Apollo 11. Aside from members of this body running up bills on the taxpayer credit card (a quick Google search would show them, past and present), we have a “commander” in chief who is soliciting dirt on political adversaries like a streetwalker turning tricks at a busy intersection.

I’m sure this will all fall on deaf partisan ears. Would our current “leader” get a free pass if he were NOT from the “grand old party”? Or as the cynic in me believes, that we are in Orwellian territory? The GOP can clean up its act...or it will relegate itself into the same corner of history as the Whigs did.

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