Jim Barnard


To the editor:

As we all know, Stillwater has grown dramatically over the last decade. Much of this growth has been to the southwest portion of Stillwater, namely along the South Sangre Road Corridor.

With this growth has come additional automobile, motorcycle and truck traffic on Sangre Road. A few years ago 32nd street was greatly improved, connecting easily with HWY 177.

The housing growth and easy access to HWY 177 from S. Sangre Road via 32nd Street, has created what I choose to call the Sangre Road by-Pass and Speedway!

To avoid the 6th Ave. congestion and traffic lights, multiples of over-the-road semi-trucks and trailers travel this Sangre Road to 32nd to 177 Hwy path on a daily basis. These heavily loaded trucks are noisy as they “jake-brake” to make the turn at Sangre and 32nd St. Many are also traveling too fast to make an emergency stop in this residential area if needed.

Now to the speedway ... Over the years auto, motorcycle and truck traffic speeds have increased along Sangre Road dramatically. There seems to be little to no regard by most drivers as to the posted speed limit of 40 mph, excessive speed along Sangre Road is the norm! I have offered my driveway for the police to park so that they may monitor speeds. When this offer is accepted, the police car usually spends just a few minutes parked before a speeding car is clocked and ticketed.

More of this type of speed enforcement is desperately needed on Sangre Road. Law enforcement has slowed, if not completely stopped, excessive speeding on Western Road. I’m asking for the same level of enforcement on Sangre Road.

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