Jeff Pickens


To the editor:

I am a Christian Republican. Born in Stillwater. Still live in this great town. This is a message for Oklahomans and Gov. Stitt.

Governor, please declare a public health emergency to protect Oklahomans from COVID-19. Declaration of an emergency is required to allow mask mandates in schools. Covering nose and mouth is standard medical practice to reduce spread of respiratory disease. Wearing masks is obviously safe and effective. That’s why medical professionals wear them. I urge Oklahomans to contact the Governor and request a public health emergency. Furthermore, please request funding for n95 masks for all public school employees and students. Then everyone will be equally protected.

Oklahomans should not have to risk their lives to attend and work at schools. My niece is 11 years old and has bravely returned to school. I would be happy about that if kids under 12 could get vaccinated! The governor has been pushing for in-class learning and is refusing to allow mask mandates to protect children! If the governor refuses to declare an emergency, please contact state senators and representatives to impeach Gov. Stitt for “incompetency” as stated in the Oklahoma Constitution.

He is not fulfilling the basic function of our government. He is not utilizing the authority of governor to protect public health and safety. By refusing to declare public health emergency, the Gov. is not protecting us; he is infecting us. Please contact him and request public health emergency. Long live Oklahoma.

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