Arletta and Jim Webster


To the editor:

In regard to Mike Woods’ recent excellent letter in support of Abby Broyles, we too are political moderates and have good friends and family who are members of both parties. We also support Abby Broyles, candidate for the U. S. Senate to replace Jim Inhofe. In our view, Mr. Inhofe is out of step with everyday Oklahomans. Oklahomans are hurting and Sen. Jim Inhofe has turned his back on us. Inhofe won’t even agree to debate Abby. Furthermore, we do not recall Inhofe ever hosting a Stillwater Town Hall Meeting. Abby’s campaign is less about red vs blue and more about right vs wrong. We recall that both Democrats and Republicans were vying for Dwight Eisenhower to run as their candidate for President. Abby is not President Eisenhower, but like Eisenhower, she will work ‘across the aisle’ to make things better for all of us. Abby is a life-long Oklahoman who listens and understands today’s complex issues. Her priorities include funding public school education, and making affordable health care available to everyone. We want public servants worthy of our respect. Because of COVID, we have only met Abby virtually, but she has gained our respect.

Please join us in voting for Abby Broyles.

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