Holly R. Han,


To the editor:

As, I stood in church during the worship music, I looked over and beheld an encouraging sight that boosted my faith and refreshed my heart: Dr. Means with his hands raised to God, yielded and surrendered to the wisdom, direction and purpose of our Creator. It brought back countless memories of places and ways I’ve watched him humble himself and serve in the small things people overlook, and in the big things people find hard or inconvenient. I am grateful for my brother in Christ who has agreed to run for District 34 and has positioned himself to make the sacrifices necessary for filling that role. I have the awesome privilege to have known him long before the campaign signs went up, and to watch him diligently and faithfully serve our community.

He is not afraid of the unseen costs of his time, his talent, his attention and laying down his own agenda to listen and meet with the members of our area and get deeply familiar with the issues they face.

What I love most about watching Dr. Aaron Means’ life is the integrity and consistency I see in his character. His hands and feet actively go and serve within countless volunteer roles, he shows up to build up and to support the teamwork of others. He is content to be a gentle but powerful and effective pillar of faith and a beacon of hope and a peacemaker, even as he works hard to bring a difference that supports those around him to be able to flourish in their daily lives.

My family and I are blessed to have him in our lives. The impact of Dr. Means’ godliness and example has raised up a standard, and a constant reminder, of the truth of God’s word and God’s heart to govern with justice and liberty for all peoples. I believe it would be an incredible honor to see him represent District 34, and I know he would do so in such a way that it would benefit us with a positive ripple effect far beyond just his district.

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