Wade and Diana Watkins


To the editor:

As we prepare to cast our ballots in the 2020 election, we’d like to share just a few reasons we’ll be voting to re-elect Representative Trish Ranson for House District 34.

When she announced her candidacy in 2018, we immediately joined Team Trish because of what we’d witnessed her doing in our community over the past 15 years. After winning the election, Representative Ranson immediately embraced her role in the House, authoring important legislation for our state. During this past legislative session, as co-author of HB 3350, legislation that had bi-partisan support, Ranson helped to secure the first Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) our retired state employees had seen in 12 years. Thus, on July 1st, retired educators, fire fighters, police officers, and other state employees began seeing that benefit increase.

Representative Ranson’s ability to cultivate community rather than simply tow the party line is very important to us. Trish works with ALL members of the legislature to represent ALL Oklahomans.

This has been evidenced in the variety of conversations she has held with education leaders, business owners, and industry stakeholders to discuss potential solutions to the challenges we must address. Ranson understands how critical economic development is to the growth of our state, particularly as we seek to recover from the economic downturn we began to face in March.

Her continued involvement with the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, NOC, OSU, and Meridian Technology shows her desire for Stillwater to be at the forefront of that economic recovery.

When she announced her desire to run for office in 2018, Trish Ranson promised she would engage with constituents, bridge differences, and support policies that put the people of Oklahoma first. We believe she’s made good on that promise and for that reason and countless others urge you to join us in voting to send her back to represent us at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

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