Riley Flack


To the editor:

We ALL, as citizens of Oklahoma and America, have an obligation to protect our God-given liberties. Our elected government officials, at every level, are not seated until they take an oath to support and defend the State and US Constitutions. Their foremost duty is to protect our liberty.

Our current mayor either does not understand this obligation or has discarded it; and neither is acceptable.

He used SPD to remove patrons from businesses, and forcibly close businesses. That happened. Mayor Joyce ignorantly and flippantly discarded common sense and decades of empirical data on masking – and forcibly masked our citizens and children. That happened. Joyce needs to be fired and replaced by someone who understands and honors the foremost role of ANY elected official – their oath. With omicron and imminent future variants – there is a real threat of another shutdown if he isn’t fired. Please vote for Marc Trotter. He will never forcibly shut churches and businesses nor will he ever forcibly mask our citizens. Marc will never tell anyone what shots or medicines they should take nor will he ever mandate a gene therapy or any other kind of medical intervention. We need to send a message to any and all oppressors and tyrants; We are free people.

On Feb. 8 lets send the message. Vote Marc Trotter for Mayor of Stillwater.

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