To the editor:

While reading Jerry Bettis’ letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper it occurred to me that the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) epidemic has reached Stillwater.

Is it true that the Stillwater Medical Center has a new wing, funded by those Democrats that benefited from the doubling of the national debt?

I can only imagine the drooling and overpopulated wing of suffering Democrats, refusing to take their medications, accept the truth and common sense, while blaming their suffering on our duly elected president who inherited their $20 trillion debt.

It is without conscience that those deviants from San Francisco should elect one of their own to be speaker of the Peoples House of Representatives. How about impeaching the speaker? They are so far out of touch with the people of America they claim to serve.  Does anyone think we will ever see a balanced budget from Congress? Bill Clinton claims he did it, two years in a row. But he had a Republican-controlled House and Senate to do the dirty work for him to brag about.

Nobody can take credit for doubling the national debt but the Obama Democrats. What do we have to show for it?