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To the editor:

This letter will serve as a double thank you. The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon (Dallan Thomas, Nolan Wallace and Hunter Muncrief) were great. They took down a deer-proof fence surrounding our gardens and offered to do any other jobs we needed done, although we had only requested they take up and store the fence.

Another big thank you goes to all of those that make the “Into the Streets” such a success.

We have thanked OSU students for years as they have washed windows, raked and bagged leaves, helped winterize a garden – for all the jobs they do for us. We have never recognized those that do the planning, coordinate volunteers, call to ensure that the volunteers were allowed to do the work requested, as well as other details that make the event such a success.

We do thank all of the OSU students volunteering for all they do for our community.

Bonnie Haas


To the editor:

The “Into the Streets” program brought six willing OSU students to my property to prepare flower beds for winter and rake abundant leaves. (As a handicapped senior I find these chores very difficult.)

Cayden Ward, Whitney Waitsman, Courtney Swift, Sammie Smith, Jack Smithton and Styder Bowman cheerfully completed my gardening tasks.

Thank you for this wonderful, two-fold program – teaching students to perform service and senior citizens to exercise humility.

Judy Rhoads


To the editor:

I want to greatly thank these OSU students who worked so hard cleaning up my yard this past weekend.

These precious students did an outstanding job, were wonderful, respectful, polite, hard working and such lovely people, and pure joy to know!

Thank you so very much!

Each individual worked diligently cleaning and preparing my yard for spring. Peter Vang, Jennifer Cui, Sosh Xiong, Koua Chang, Vanessa Wong, Thawmg Kap and Isela Ortiz.

Thanks for being a huge blessing for me!

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