Jessica Stanley


To the editor:

In response to Mr. Aaron Means (a repetitive state candidate) on his refusal for American change and the gaslighting technique of creating division by assuming a call for change is a call for Constitution overhaul, where is your voice when pipe bombs were found in the Capitol of this great country? Where do you denounce the prepared violence as interruption to the democratic process was witnessed across the world (further weakening our geopolitical role)? As a Black man, where is your voice when you observe two very different Americas in police response to peaceful protests and the act of domestic terrorism the world witnessed yesterday? Is this change you do not seek? You support acts of sedition, acts of violence, and acts of overt racism?

The “boogeyman” left don’t want your guns. They want smart regulation that reduces needless deaths. They don’t want your religion. They want freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion. They don’t want religion driven policy that strips basic fundamental rights. They want the right to peacefully organize. They want a better tomorrow. That is the foundation of change.

Be better. Merge the divide. Be the change this country needs.

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