James McDonald


To the editor:

I have been vaccinated, however, I have many friends that have not been vaccinated and that is just fine with me.

We live in America and are given the freedom to decide for our self what to is medically right for each of us. The current White House Administration continues to amaze me with wrong turn after wrong turn as does Dr. Fauci, who has most recently touted that crowded football stadiums will only add to a catastrophic spread of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. The President has now strongly encouraged, if not mandated, that government agencies, private companies and organizations should mandate all employees either be vaccinated or be fired. All of this without science proven facts that the vaccine is 100% safe for all recipient’s. To repeat a long standing quote: “Two wrongs does not make a right”!

If Dr. Fauci and President Biden’s ridiculous comments are true then why are the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border or the thousands of Afghan refugees being brought to the USA soil not being required to be vaccinated? What is true, is our country and our freedoms are being attacked by the same person’s elected to serve our country with responsible leadership, or as it appears at this time lack of responsible leadership. Dr. Fuici and Joe Biden. Two wrongs does not make a right! You decide. To vaccinate or not vaccinate, You decide. It’s your freedom to decide.

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