To the editor:

I attended the Gun Violence: Remembrance and Search for Common Ground event at Salem Lutheran Church last Sunday and was so proud of my community sharing how gun violence impacts so many lives. My favorite moment was when Rep. John Talley warmly welcomed Rep. Trish Ranson. They may not agree on every issue, but they can have a civil discourse, especially when it comes to the safety of Oklahomans.

I have heard similar conversations this week collecting petition signatures to overturn HB2597 or “Permitless Carry” and put it on the ballot as a State Question. This bill will eliminate permitting and training requirements to carry firearms in Oklahoma – unless we get enough signatures By Aug.29! Most people we encounter are very supportive of keeping our current reasonable permitting and training requirements.

I think it is important for Oklahoma citizens to exercise their legislative responsibility and have their say on whether Oklahoma is actually ready to abandon these commonsense regulations that are broadly supported by our residents, whether they own a gun or not. Please consider finding someone with a petition using the link below and sign it!

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