To the editor:

So the Cowboy football fans were treated to pure, unpolluted, wholesome water at the football game, thanks to the tobacco users. It is just another deal where the victims provide the rewards but very often do not enjoy the benefits.

Most notable is the various co-ops. The one providing my electricity provides a free trip each year to a group of students to visit our Nation’s Capital. Every American should have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. sometime during their lifetime, but at the expense of the co-op, the members of the co-op?

Maybe it’s a result of starting my life in the dirty ’30s as the son of a sharecropper, sharecroppers being a half rung above squatters on the economic ladder. So, when I see a group, any group with the legal authority to take money from the people, I question their judgment of using those funds for anything other than that legally intended, since I know some of those dollars surely came from people who scrapped and sacrificed to provide their portion.

So, I learn the tobacco users are indirectly paying for pure water for the local football fans! Considering the price of football tickets, is it possible the fans could purchase their own water, allowing the smokers some health assistance, if needed, but maybe not. I was just wondering if pure water for football fans is the highest and best use of the smoker’s legal bounty.

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