George Scheets


To the editor:

President Trump, and myself as a former Army officer, have taken oaths to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Legally, Trump’s options to contest the election results are through the courts, or a recount if the race is close enough per that state’s laws to warrant a recount.

Should the legal challenges fail and the results be certified, if the president adheres to his oath he will peacefully abide by the result, and if he really loves this country as much as his flag hugging seems to indicate, ensure an orderly transition of power.

Should he fail to do this, he will be violating his oath of office. If his legitimate options fail, I would hope that the president treads lightly as should he continue to refuse to step down, and especially if he hints at or supports violence, he will be flirting with treason since he will be trying to overturn constitutionally valid election results, contrary to his oath, which he swore before God.

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