Harriet Stoddart


To the editor:

Where are the ballots? My husband and I requested absentee ballots on Oct. 2. The election board said they were mailed.

We never received them.

Where are they?

Luckily, we were able to go personally to the election board to vote. While we were there, another person came in because she hadn’t received her ballot, either.

Where are the ballots?

I’ve since learned that there were some voters on Tuesday who had not received their ballots either, being forced to vote in person. Where are the ballots? Many of us chose to use absentee ballots because of COVID concerns and yet, we were denied that right because of not receiving absentee ballots!! Where are they?

Let’s find some answers here. It is very concerning, especially in this year of such divisiveness.

Where are the ballots?

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