Colby Torres


To the editor:

I was raised in Glencoe, and I am a proud 2000 GHS graduate. I spent 10 years as an educator in Oklahoma City, and in 2014, I returned to the place I’ve always called home.

I currently teach in Stillwater, but I am a homeowner in Glencoe. All the professional success I’ve experienced can be traced back to Glencoe Public Schools. The district provided me with a top-notch education that has seen me earn a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees and will see me begin my doctoral journey in January. I possess the unique qualities needed to serve the district well. I am an educator, a much needed perspective which is currently missing from the board. I am an education insider and intimately acquainted with the inner workings, challenges, and issues that face districts and schools today.

The pandemic has placed all districts under economic strain, now is the time to have someone like myself to assist Glencoe Public Schools in navigating these difficult times while placing student academic achievement, opportunity, social, and emotional well being at the forefront of all conversations. I have spent the larger part of the last year becoming fully acquainted with the responsibilities, rules, regulations, and policies, that board members must adhere to. My decision to run was not on a whim or done hastily. I have engaged in thoughtful dialogue with many community members discussing their concerns and hopes for the district’s future.

I come from humble beginnings, so I know that education is truly the great equalizer. Likewise it is key to upward mobility in society. My hope in running for school board is to ensure transparency in decision making, a listening ear to the concerns of families and the community, ensure equitable opportunities for all students, and help guide the district in creating a clear strategic vision for the future that effectively aligns funding, personnel, curricular needs, and academic programming. My aim is to see today’s Glencoe graduates have even greater opportunities for success than I had 20 years ago.

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