To the editor: 

I support Abby Broyles because I know she comes from a strong Oklahoma family that taught her to prioritize education and service to others. As a long-time resident of Stillwater I know these are the values we live in Payne County. I had the pleasure of meeting Abby via a connection with a lifelong friend. Abby wanted to talk about the issues important for rural Oklahoma, which is the focus of my professional career. What immediately stuck out to me was she listened purposefully, asked great questions and had a laser focus on what is best for Oklahoma.

It has been a pleasure to follow Abby these past several months during such a crazy time in our history. She shows up everywhere and all the time. Most importantly, Abby continues to listen to Oklahomans. She participates in local events and volunteer activities, consistently demonstrating real Oklahoma values unlike her opponent, who pushes fear, division and his personal agenda at every turn. Abby’s service mentality guides her and the way she cares about our future. She will work hard all Oklahomans regardless of political party, gender, race, creed or other traits some try to use to divide us.

I am a political moderate with friends and family on the far left and the far right. I want public servants who know all of us in the U. S. are worthy of respect. I am asking you to get to know Abby and then vote for the candidate who shows up for Oklahoma. I strongly believe that candidate is Abby Broyles.

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