Riley Flack

Unite Stillwater

To the editor:

Citing the Covid virus, Mayor Will Joyce and the City Council have forcibly closed and heavily restricted churches, businesses, and individuals. They do not have the legal authority to force compliance, so before passing ordinance 3452, “shall” was replaced with “may.”

During the City Council meeting on July 9, the City Attorney Mr. Dorman and Mayor Joyce passively acknowledged the lack of legal authority to impose mask requirements on a private business’s patrons and suggested that business owners who failed to “follow the ‘spirit’ of the ordinance” by allowing mask-less shoppers could be targeted and effectively shut down by threatening their business licenses (“It might not go well for them”).

Essentially, business owners can be compliant with the law and still be threatened, targeted, intimidated, and forcibly shut down.

This is a very scary situation, and we must push back. We believe that in Stillwater, there should never again be a forced shut down of a church or a business, nor should we ever forcibly mask the public, ever again.

We at Unite Stillwater (can be found on FB under that name) are working to rectify this and make sure this doesn’t happen again by recalling the mayor and city council. We would encourage any registered voters who live in the city limits to sign our recall petition.

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