I am appalled by the recent partisan attacks of my state legislator. In his recent Oklahoman column, “Corrections status quo unacceptable” on Jan. 20, Rep. Rex Duncan attacked the column of House Democrat Leader Danny Morgan.

Morgan brought to light the irresponsible spending habits of Republican leaders and the need for bipartisan cooperation for the implementation of certain changes needed in the Department of Corrections.

Duncan’s editorial was comprised of irresponsible statements and allegations of a mean nature. He misconstrued the commentary to an unrecognizable degree, and without warrant, slandered others. Although he claims to be a proponent of bipartisanship, he obviously lacks the self-awareness to realize that by misinforming the people of Oklahoma he himself is advocating divisive politics. This type of behavior gets us nowhere and our district needs a leader and who is will to work for change, not just partisan sniping.

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