It is a good thing our British allies were not forced to follow the rules of engagement in the War on Terror advocated by The New York Times, ACLU and Howard Dean or as many as a dozen airplanes would have been destroyed with thousands perishing.

In countering the threat, it appears the British were able to use surveillance techniques on terrorists’ conversations, follow the money trail and use interrogation techniques other than just the dreaded “Pretty please with sugar on it,” all of which would not be permitted if the Looney Left has its way.

The parallels between 2006 and 1938 are becoming more and more dramatic. The Appeasers in the War on Terror want to give vast parts of the Middle East to the Islamofascists just as Chamberlain gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler. Ignoring a threat does not make it go away, it only emboldens it.

A foreign policy based on worrying whether foreigners like you does not protect the American people from the terrorist threat. Those who are weak on waging this very real war on terror should not be given power in our government or the horror of 1939-1945 is very likely to occur again.

If war is too important to be left to generals, then defending this nation in the age of terror is too important to be left to the cut and run appeasers.

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