Response to K.A. Mansy’s letter (Aug. 11) aptly headlined “Distortion 101.” Webster’s Dictionary defines “distortion” as a “lack of proportionality in an image.” Mansey compares Gronquist’s presentation of facts regarding Al Qaeda as “distortions.”

Perhaps what is distorting Mansy’s perception of reality is the spin on facts by Al Qaeda. The Pew Institute study of American Islamics demonstrates 40 percent of the estimated 2 million American Islamics have been deceived into refusing to believe that Islamics destroyed the World Trade Center. The same study shows that 7 percent have a favorable opinion of Al Qaeda.

Contrast Mansy’s letter with that of S.A. Elfeel, a devout Islamic who acknowledged the threat of Al Qaeda, emphasizing that Al Qaeda has destroyed more Muslims than infidels.

Elfeel recognizes not every infidel is his enemy, while Mansy seems to suffer under the illusion every Islamic is his friend.

When the focus is adjusted a few diopters, we can see Gronquist the infidel and Elfeel the believer are suggesting Islam and the western world are confronted by a deadly enemy — Al Qaeda. No amount of coverup, make believe, pretend or ignoring will make Al Qaeda go away.

Likely Allah is ever so gently adjusting the focus, igniting the courage of freedom loving Islamics to launch a “counter Jihad” in the mosques and in their networks. Only true Islam can vanquish false Islam. Al Qaeda messengers should not be allowed to darken the door of the mosques.

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