Several years ago I called the sheriff’s department for help. When the deputy arrived he first tried to arrest me because of incorrect information given by the dispatcher.

The next day I went to get a copy of my call. Noel Bagwell not only refused to give me the information but threatened to arrest and jail me if I asked again for either the information or to speak with either the sheriff or undersheriff. I went across the hall and got someone else to go and get the information for me.

A joint sting by the Tulsa World and Oklahoman a few weeks later showed that this wasn’t the only time Bagwell apparently violated the state open records law.

It shouldn’t take an attorney general to ensure the sheriff complies with all the state laws, especially one who brags about his training.

Vote for R.B. Hauf for sheriff. He will follow all of the laws all of the time, which is what Payne County needs.

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