Although it is all the rage in academe today, multiculturalism, as it is typically presented, is incoherent (contradictory).

Multiculturalism means that all cultures are good; indeed, all cultures are equally good, and so no claim that any one of them is superior (especially if it is a western culture) to any other is licit.

Furthermore, a culture is better by virtue of its recognition that it is not better than any other culture.

This is incoherent. To put it simply, if one of the tenets of multiculturalism is that no culture is any better than any other culture, and if accepting the tenets of multiculturalism makes a culture better than it would be if it did not accept the tenets of multiculturalism, then the inescapable conclusion is a culture that accepts the tenets of multiculturalism is at the same time better and not any better than some other culture that does not accept the tenets of multiculturalism. It’s a contradiction.

It’s nonsense. It’s a bit like singing, “I am not singing.”

My experience with people who buy into multiculturalism is they are either of fairly modest intellectual ability and therefore do not see its internal logical problem, or they are sharp enough to see the incoherence but are not bothered by it so long as multiculturalism serves as a useful tool for them to promote their political agenda.

Either way, multiculturalism as it is presented to us in academic circles today is a complete intellectual sham, because it is incoherent.

Mark R. Discher


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