My daughter and I walk a little more than five blocks to a bus stop every weekday morning in order to go to school and work. I thought little about those who see us on our trek, but this past week my daughter and I received two acts of kindness that were surprising and greatly appreciated.

My daughter received the gift of books from a woman who passes her as she waits for her bus to school, then this Thursday morning my daughter and I were prepping to step on the morning bus and a woman drove by and stopped. Rolling down her window she quickly said, “Can I give you and your daughter a gift?” Seeing her holding a card I said, “Sure,” and my daughter stepped up to take the gift (I am currently in a walking cast, so she moves faster.) Not having time to open it we said, “Thank you.” and hurried to the bus. Once we opened the card we discovered a substantial gift of money inside and I was surprised at such generosity of a stranger.

This letter is a small token of our thanks in their generosity and even more in their success of renewing my faith in the kindness of strangers. So thank you again, and I hope all who read this remember this is the season of giving and love.

Happy Holidays,

Cheryl Trent


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