Again, government is infringing on the rights of the people. This is now happening in our fine community of Stillwater.

I’m referring to the new ordinance which bans smoking in public places. Just like the state law we saw passed, the new Stillwater law is a violation of private property rights.

Nobody denies smoking is not a healthy habit however, to tell a private property owner they cannot allow smoking by their employees or patrons is not the responsibility of government officials. This is a slippery slope and we find ourselves standing on the edge.

What’s next? An ordinance telling you and me what we can do in our homes? The issue here is not smoking. The issue is freedom and the rights of the owners of private property. Putting aside our personal opinions about tobacco we need to think long and hard about the direction we are going America. How much power are we willing to give our elected officials whether they be local, state or federal?

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